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Not all hemp products are created equal.

At Karma Farma 1000 our mission is to provide the highest quality, organically grown, phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR), broad spectrum hemp oil products on the market at the lowest prices possible. We believe that the health of earth's inhabitants should be affordable to everyone. What sets us apart from the competition is that we only offer 1000 mg hemp oil tinctures, balms and e-juices. Our broad spectrum hemp oil products are manufactured with all natural and limited ingredients, including crazy amounts of phytocannabinoid rich CBD hemp oil. Although you can achieve good results with lower mg CBD products, at Karma Farma 1000, our full strength products can deliver excellent results, and require lower doses to achieve the desired effects, therefore, our products will last longer and comparatively you get more for your money. Take into account our low cost per milligram pricing and you can see why, at Karma Farma 1000, we care about your money just as much as ours. Take less and get more. The staff at Karma Farma 1000 wish good health and karma to you and yours.

About our Hemp Oil

All of our THC-free, Phytocannabinoid and terpene rich products are grown, sourced, and manufactured in the USA and comply with federal regulations 7606 of the 2014 US farm bill as food based products. We offer organically grown, broad spectrum, industrial hemp products naturally rich in CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, over 40 synergistic terpenes and flavonoids, and essential amino acids

In 1995, the endocannabinoid system was discovered and with this discovery, the realization that all human beings require proper function of this system in order to create homeostasis within our bodies via our peripheral and central nervous system along with our immune system was born. In addition to the balance broad spectrum hemp oil provides to our bodies, industrial hemp can be used for over 25,000 viable recyclable products including paper, clothing, fuel, building products and many other resources necessary to have a healthy planet for it's inhabitants

Cannabis Sativa (hemp) is a bio-accumulator, meaning that it absorbs toxins and helps to clean the soil. This feature of hemp benefits the earth, but when individuals use hemp products produced in foreign lands, they may be consuming any toxins used in non-organic farming practices to feed and fertilize the soil. In the U.S., where Karma Farma 1000 sources their industrial hemp products, federal regulations prohibit the use of these toxins if manufacturers choose to offer organically-sourced hemp products. Therefore, choosing Karma Farma 1000 is choosing some of the healthiest, most toxin free form of broad spectrum hemp oil products available.

Another interesting fact about the Cannabis Sativa plant is that it may contain over 100 terpenes. Terpenes are organic compounds found naturally in plants which are responsible for their aroma. In the plant world, a species containing just one or two terpenes is common, but the strain of hemp used to source our plants contains over 40 synergistic terpenes, making it much more uncommon and valuable. Some of our competitors supplement their CBD products with terpenes during processing, but at Karma Farma 1000, our source does not need to add terpenes as they are abundant naturally without modification. In broad spectrum hemp oil, terpenes play a vital role in it's therapeutic value by allowing cannabinoids to cross the blood-brain barrier, providing benefit to multiple areas throughout our bodies. Terpenes also help to activate and to mediate other chemical functions within the body to create balance within our internal organs.

We strive to offer products that fit into everyone’s (and their pet’s) lifestyle and preferred means of administration. Thank you for choosing Karma Farma 1000 as your provider of the highest quality and value producing broad spectrum hemp oil products. We appreciate your business and support.

Remember: Together we can help heal the world so spread the word about the re-emergence of hemp based food supplements and industrial hemp building materials. From 1850 to 1930 hemp based medicines were the most widely prescribed medicines and were listed as helping with up to 100 different ailments until removed from the US pharmacopoeia of drugs in 1941.

Our 1000mg hemp oil tinctures contain approximately 1000 - 1100 drops per bottle. We cannot approximate how long a bottle lasts as each individual will require different dosages to achieve their desired effects. As a general rule of thumb, less is more when dosing with hemp oil. At a regimen of 5 drops, 3 times a day, a bottle containing 1000 drops will last 66 days. That being said, follow the suggested dosage guidelines as stated on www.projectcbd.org . Some sources recommend 20-30 mgs. per day for optimum results. Listen to what your body tells you when dialing in your daily dosage. With the savings we offer on broad spectrum hemp oil products please consider donating to Project CBD.org. An indispensable non-profit, informative website.

A note from the founder...

While we cannot make any medical claims regarding our broad spectrum hemp oil products, the discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) 25 + years ago as well as ongoing research suggests that CBD supplementation plays an important role in mediating vital functions throughout our body as well as on the surface of our skin.

We seek to provide products that may benefit all age groups seeking optimum health benefits from a substance that we are all hard wired for via our endocannabinoid system, at affordable prices. Please take the time to educate yourselves about the benefits of broad spectrum hemp oil and what to look for in hemp products before you decide to add it to your regimen. Consult you doctor as well, because there are a few pharmaceutical substances may interact with cannabinoids as they compete for the same receptor sites. Research has suggested that this is typically not an issue, unless high doses of pure CBD isolate above 50-60 mgs. are administered at one time. Smaller doses of broad spectrum hemp oil have a much better track record, but always check with your physician or a better yet, a physician familiar with cannabis therapy before starting a hemp oil regimen. I'm confident that if you compare similar products, you will find that there is no comparison between quality, pricing and ingredients of our organically grown, broad spectrum hemp oil products versus our competitors.

We proudly source our hemp oil products from Folium Biosciences. The undisputed leader in the emerging USA grown hemp oil industry. Check them out at foliumbiosciences.com and you'll see why we've partnered with them to provide you some of the highest quality hemp oil products available. Superior genetics are what sets them apart from other brands of hemp oil, and Folium has taken the initiative to secure the highest quality hemp strains available.

A note from the manufacturer...

In all of our broad spectrum hemp oil products, you can be assured of full trace-ability through complete vertical integration, non-GMO hemp cultivars, 100% legal sources and the use of organic farming practices.

The uniqueness of our Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp strain starts with the genetics. To ensure a reliable and consistant product, our source plants are cloned. The medicinal hybrid plants used to source our products naturally produce around 18% CBD along with CBG (cannabigerol), CBN (cannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene), CBDA (cannabidolic acid), THCV, and over 40 naturally present terpenes. Upon first extraction a nearly 70% CBD is recovered. To date this the the highest natural CBD content of any Industrial Hemp producer in the world.

Utilizing a proprietary and unique technology, any remaining THC left in the extraction can be completely removed without disturbing, diluting, or damaging the naturally present synergistic cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids for a broad spectrum product.

Our ZERO THC broad spectrum oils contain a CBD content of up to 85%.

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